Finding Long Lost Siblings
By Thomas Anter
Private Investigator Legal Support Services
For The Woman's Page

As you well know adopting a child can be a joyous occasion. There are many couples that cannot for whatever reason have children, or they choose to add to their existing families. I have had more than a few requests from adoptees that wish to find their natural birth parents or siblings. Everyone wants to know where he or she came from their roots, their family line and all the facts in between. This however can be a long and painful process until they find the truth about their birth families.
Private Investigators are an important tool in finding people when they need to be found.
Adoption is a different situation however. In many cases records are sealed and you will need a court order to obtain them. (Only the adoptee can request these documents) This process can take weeks or months sometimes depending on the state or county where the records are kept.
What the adoptee needs to remember is that this is a journey not a race, and that a great deal of patience is needed in this type of search. I recently had a friend of mine who asked me to help him find his natural birth parents or siblings. The worst part of this is that the one person who can help him will not divulge the information to him (A close relative) this is not an uncommon problem in families with adopted children.
Once the initial hurdle is overcome and you have the names of the birth parents a proper search can be made. This is the type of case that could have been very lucrative due to the fact that a lot of legwork is done in searching for people and the costs can add up quickly overcoming the adoptees budget.
Presently he is weighing the consequences of finding his birth family. In some cases
the parent or child does not want to be bothered with the adoptee for a variety of reasons. They may be ashamed or embarrassed to confront their past. It is not so easy to look someone in the eye and tell them why they had to be given up for adoption. With cases like these it is a 50/50 proposition all the way around, that everyone will end up happy on all ends of the situation.
Adopted parents and children can find their natural birth families. It is not an impossible task. They have to be prepared for any and all circumstances that might arise. There are groups that help adoptees find their birth families and parents to find the child that they gave up. is useful not only for tracing the family tree but for networking with others who are doing the same thing. Find out as many facts as you can from family members who know of your situation if possible. Using a Private Investigator is a good step but not right away. Get all the confirmable info you can so the investigator can be sure of what they are searching for. This saves you money and the investigator time. Good luck and good hunting. Until the next time we meet be safe and be aware.
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