Reports Available

Basic Background Check
This search will provide you the following information on the subject individual to the extent it is allowed by current state and federal privacy and financial laws. Additionally, we will include registered vehicles and drivers license information if allowed and available within the public record:
    Name of Individual
    Address History
    Telephone Number
    Neighbor's Names, Address, Phone
    Owners of Current Residence
    Real Property Ownership
    Corporate Involvement (Owner/Officer)
    UCC Filings (Business Loans)
    Vessel Ownership
    Aircraft Ownership
    Names of persons that lived at the address specified.
Locate an Individual
An office investigation where you provide the subject's personal and/or statistical data. You provide personal statistical data ( Social Security Number, Name, and Date Of Birth) and we will provide you with the most current address(s) and telephone number(s) (if available) of the individual you are searching for.
Employment Investigations
You provide subject's info and we provide previous employers. We can also provide employment history so you can be sure your future employee is honest and truthful.
Telephone Information
You provide subject's info and we will verify phone number. See Chart for details.
Criminal Information

You provide subject's info and we will provide you with the individual's criminal history. (Juvenile Records are sealed records)

We perform Surveillance for a variety of situations. ( Will require interview)

All of the above services can be quoted by using our Request Form
Credit Terms Available, Money Order, Certified Bank Check, Personal Check, VISA, MC